[pronounced BAY-dee HOO]

Ph.D. Candidate, Wharton

CV / Research / Misc

In a previous/alternate life...

While in college, I sang, (occasionally beatboxed), arranged, and served as the president for PennYo, America's first collegiate Chinese a cappella group.

  • Y.O. (2018) / Spotify / an a cappella studio album I co-produced

  • The Red and Blue (2018) / YouTube / an a cappella music video I co-produced

  • Misc. (2022) / SoundCloud / demo covers I made during the pandemic

I also enjoy photography, running, pencil sketches, moral philosophy, Ishiguro novels, and number puzzles.

I am fluent in English, Mandarin, and German, and have been a certified interpreter/translator for these three languages since 2013.